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Scan using Internet browsers from HP printers - without installing any software or drivers!

Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE)

SANE differs from TWAIN in that it is cleanly separated into frontends (user programs) and backends (scanner drivers).

Frontends (Applications)


scanimage -A gets a compact list of the scanner's options.

at sane-project

The -d or –device-name options must be followed by a SANE device-name like `epson:/dev/sg0' or `hp:/dev/usbscanner0'. A (partial) list of available devices can be obtained with the –list-devices option (see below). If no device-name is specified explicitly, scanimage reads a device-name from the environment variable SANE_DEFAULT_DEVICE. If this variable is not set, scanimage will attempt to open the first available device.
-L –list-devices
The –format option selects how image data is written to standard output. format can be pnm or tiff. If –format is not used, PNM is written.
The -p or –progress option requests that scanimage prints a progress counter. It shows how much image data of the current image has already been received by scanimage (in percent).
As you might imagine, much of the power of scanimage comes from the fact that it can control any SANE backend. Thus, the exact set of com‐ mand-line options depends on the capabilities of the selected device. To see the options for a device named dev, invoke scanimage via a com‐ mand-line of the form: scanimage –help –device-name dev
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